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  • Preload CSS background image with CSS

    If a CSS background image is to change on mouseover, there is always an unsightly loading delay on the first hover. Because the hover image must first be loaded by the browser. To make the hover image visible on the first mouseover without delay, it must be preloaded. Normally the image could be preloaded with […]

  • Switch from reCAPTCHA to hCaptcha for GDPR

    With the judgment of the regional court München from 20.01.2022 it was made clear that in Germany Google Fonts are no longer allowed to be embedded remotely without the consent of the user. Therefore is it best to load the fonts locally. This means the fonts need to store on the same location where the […]

  • Hovering with inline CSS variables

    Recently I had a nice little problem to solve: I need to change a dynamic bunch of inline background images (SVG icons) via CSS. The user should manage the icons in WordPress with custom fields. Origin code example with static inline background image: HTML/PHP CSS As you can see above every icon is just a […]