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Goodbye Twitter

In May i had my 10th Twitter anniversary for my old account @HeikoMamerow. But because I haven’t liked Twitter for a long time, I figured it would be a good time to scale back my social media presents further.

Screenshot of my Twitter profile page

I was already on Twitter with other accounts long before. I started this account for my new business as freelancer. I wanted to meet the people from the WordPress community. And Twitter was the best place for this at this time. It was very easy to find all the names, brands and companies and soon i was able to get in touch with some people directly. Also Twitter was the best place to get all the infos, roumors and moods from the community.

My Twitter numbers:

  • Start: May 2012
  • End: June 2022
  • 4501 tweets
  • 325 following

But over the years Twitter began to come more an field for more or less professional self marketers, for campaigns and of course spam. It became impossible to keep the timeline clean. Most tweets are just meaningless garbage. No information, nothing personal – just garbage.

Most of the viewable space is blocked by an ad.

But the worst thing for me is this agitation and the ever sharper tone. Everything is aimed only at excitement and provocation. That only upsets. No one needs that. Therefore i stopped years before to use Twitter on an regular base. And now i stopped using it for ever.


Goodbye! 🙂

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